Jivaro Wheels

Josh Anderson 

Home: Kirkland, Washington
Years skating: 2 + decades
First trick: mongo
Set-up: steadily growing
All-time Top 5: Penny, Arto, Gonz, Kirchart, Gino
Future: uncertain
Wisdom: Never let schooling interfere with your education

Brian Baca

First set-up: Shorty's, Grind Kings, Ghetto Child Wheels, Black Panther bearings
Worst slam:  broken leg skating a park rail=bummed
Favorite NW skateboarders: Bledsoe, Beach, JAnderson
All time Top 5: Guy Mariano, AVE, Karl Watson, Mike Carroll, Mark Gonzales
Books: Hunter S.Thompson 
Pet peeves: the punk police, waxing shit

Rocco Caravelli

Favorite places: the secret bench on zoo bomb, hammock in my yard, Burnside
Years skating: half my life
Favorite skate vid: Big Brother "Crap"
Hobbies: drums, banjo, fishing, photography
Favorite places travelled: Sayulita, Mexico, Orcas Island, SF
Wisdom: find the fun in being afraid
Beer of choice: Hop Stoopid

Ryan Casado

Birthplace: Eugene, OR
Home: Portland, OR 
Years skating: 17
Set-up: Tribute, Jivaro 53s , Indy
Drink: Dusty Springfield
Future: line cook
Early heroes: cash money millionaires
Last words: BUH

Colin Crespino

Birthplace:  Eureka, CA
Home: Portland, OR
First trick: kickflip body varial, dogflip
Who's rad: builders of good skate spots
Who's sad: wrongboarders, rave kids, Juggalos, chads
Favorite NW skateboarder: Mike Crespino
Music: Joy Division, Pixies, Love, Bowie, Wu-Tang, MF Doom, Kool Keith
Favorite skate vid: Crailtap productions, tour vids

Peter Gunn

Favorite places: here now
Favorite places traveled: everywhere traveled
First trick: downhill
Last trick: power slide
Favorite spots: no pushing, no skateparks
Day job:  skaterbuilt
Night job: power nap
Hobbies: digging

Xeno Miller

First board: 60/40 George Morales
Early heroes:  All the older skaters who accepted me as one of them and showed me the magic of skateboarding. 
Tricks, music, life, and fun
First trick: speed bump
Last trick: Fakie heelflip tailslide to fakie
Dream sesh: Skating marble ledges, shiny banks, and chrome rails in Japan with neon lights.
Favorite places traveled: NYC
Tunes: Pink Floyd "Ibiza Bar"
Drink: coffee

Jamie Weller

Home:  Portland, OR
First Board:  Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall / Indys / Bullets
Early heroes: Cardiel, Tim Brauch, Phil Shao, Red, Heddings, Matt Beach, Joe Pino
Set-up: Usurper 8.25 / Indys / Jivaro 52
Favorite places traveled: Thailand
Wisdom: There is no limit of good a person can do if they don't care who gets the credit.